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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pet Sympathy Cards

Over the years, and back in my painting days, I was often asked to paint pet portraits for friends and family.  After reducing my art to card making, I am now called upon to draw a pet's likeness on sympathy cards.

This is Theo, a rather large Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull) lover of a boy.  Theo used to let me sleep with him when I visited my good friend and his master (of sorts) Laura.  Her only live in companion for many years she was lost and heartbroken when he passed away.  She framed this card and has it hanging on the wall next to a portrait that I painted of Theo when he was a younger pup.

This is Zeus a sheep dog and dear friend and sometime playmate of Theo. Zeus passed away a few years after Theo. 

I never met Squirt "Little Miss Squirty Pants" my granddaughter asked me to draw up a likeness of Squirt from a cellphone photo.  I believe that little Squirt was a Rat Terrier.  Another dear devoted little friend.  Farewell Squirt.

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